Among the parts necessary for a car, many auto professionals call spark plugs, without which it is impossible to start a car or drive. Such parts are made with the expectation of working in difficult conditions, because they have to find themselves dozens of times per second either in poisonous gasoline vapors or in a hot gas mixture. Which spark plugs are best for your car's engine performance and how to choose the right one? To do this, let's look at the rating of the best spark plugs. To know more, check out: best spark plugs

First of all, reviews of buyers and experts, as well as quality and resource were taken into account. The quality has been checked by running the engine during starting, idling, knocking and vibration. The resource is the maximum operating time of the engine until at least one spark plug from the kit is full.


When buying spark plugs, two main parameters are taken into account - geometric dimensions and glow number. With the dimensions, everything is clear - too small a candle will not screw into a too large compartment of the distributor. If the dimensions are larger than necessary, the electrode scan jump out of the distributor and collide with the piston, the result will be serious damage to the motor.

Heat number is an indicator of the thermal mode of operation of the candle. Which spark plugs are best for you? The higher the glow number,the higher the temperature of the working medium for the spark plug. A high heat rating should be chosen by car owners of countries in the northern region with severe frosts, low heat ratings are suitable for cars operated in countries with hot climates.

In order not to be mistaken with the heating number, it is advisable to check the manufacturer's recommendations in the instructions for your car. There should also be a table of interchangeable candles.


In addition to the geometric dimensions and glow number, the design of the spark plugs is taken into account , therefore they have different characteristics and types:

· Ordinary one-electron. At low cost and low recoil, the engine is very short-lived. To minimize disadvantages, such candles were subjected to sawing and other design tricks.

· Multi-electrode. The central electrode is surrounded by 3-4 side electrodes, like a flower. This approach improved the spark formation process, ensured stable spark plug operation and engine performance with a slight increase in cost.

· From precious refractory metals (with parts made of silver, platinum, iridium, etc.). In many respects, we owe the appearance of these candles to athletes, participants in the rally. Spark plugs are innovations that maximize vehicle care. The high cost is justified by the unique features that maximize engine performance and durability compared to conventional spark plugs.


As expected, the quality rating of the leaders is headed by the German concern Bosch. Over many years of work on the modernization of auto parts, the company has managed to create the perfect car spark plugs. They are allowed during assembly at the factories of such world famous car brands as Audi, Peugeot, Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi and others. Bosch spark plugs are manufactured in different series and differ in some characteristics:

· BOSCH Super. The copper center electrode is protected from electro corrosion and corrosion by a special alloy of chromium and nickel. This combination of metals provides a stable spark formation combined with resistance to wear and extreme temperature changes.

· Super Plus. Plugs of this series are produced with a nickel center electrode to reliably protect them from corrosion and electro corrosion due to alloying during production.

· Super Plus 4. Four mass electrodes and a central pointed one, the surface of which is treated with silver. Thanks to this innovation, the power of the motor has increased by 60%.

· The center electrode is made of platinum, which is insulated with ceramic. The unique design guarantees trouble-free starting of the engine even in extreme frosts.